REIT Advisory

REITs are unique vehicles, with special needs that distinguish them from other companies engaging directly or indirectly in the acquisition, development, operation or financing of real estate.  In addition, the rules regarding REITs are extensive, complex, and constantly changing.

We have experience in dealing with audit, tax and regulatory issues associated with REIT formations, acquisitions, dispositions, recapitalizations, capital formation and related matters.  Working closely with the IRS, we have developed a substantial and detailed knowledgebase of private letter rulings.  We also work closely with the SEC, which is of great value when a private client is going public or a publicly traded company decides to access the capital markets.  Our tax specialists have assisted clients across the country in analyzing the outcome of creating a REIT, UPREIT, or DOWNREIT structure, and in implementing planning strategies to minimize the tax impact of the transaction while maximizing the return to the property owners.

Rossitto & Associates can deliver a full range of services that add value to all organizations engaged in REIT activities, helping clients with strategic issues related to maximizing returns to their shareholders.

We are a provider of professional services to the REIT industry.  Rossitto & Associates also provides advisory services to those companies considering converting to REIT status as well as those considering selling their portfolios to a REIT.


Acquisition and due diligence
Compensation planning
Systems management control
Operations and benchmarking analysis
Portfolio valuations and appraisals
Portfolio roll-ups
Audit and Tax Services
IRS and SEC compliance
Property Tax appeal and reduction