Real Estate

Rossitto & Associates is recognized as a preeminent provider of real estate audit, tax and consulting services.  These value-added real estate services can help your organization manage risk and improve performance.

In today's fast-changing world, the challenges facing the real estate industry grow more and more complex.  Specific areas of activity such as real estate development, management, financing and ownership structures carry with them specialized bodies of knowledge as well as unique concerns.  Rapid and unpredictable changes brought about by investment instruments, market conditions, and tax regulations create a business environment in which sound and timely answers to real estate concerns are crucial-and hard to find.

Our aggressive, growth-oriented real estate practice provides business advisory, accounting, and tax services to entrepreneurial developers, public real estate companies, and institutional investors.  Rossitto & Associates real estate group can assist you in achieving your goals through every phase of the real estate market and property cycles, and across a complete spectrum of activities including: developing real estate strategies, evaluating acquisitions, divestitures and development activities, and exploring financing options-to name but a few.


Rossitto & Associates presents a network of dedicated industry-specific experts in Audit, Tax and Advisory.  Our mission is to help our clients extract value from operations, to develop a competitive advantage across the value chain.  Our ability to help convert information into insights, delivering clearly articulated and actable business advice will enable our clients to increase shareholder value.

Challenges for retail and consumer product companies are many in today's business environment as a convergence of market forces have created an extremely difficult climate.  Retailers struggle to control costs, increase sales, drive customer loyalty, and keep profit margins from shrinking.  The blurring of traditional retail channels makes managing merchandising, forecasting and inventory a burden.

In addition, due to stakeholder demands and the resultant Sarbanes-Oxley legislation, the retail consumer industry is also experiencing heightened regulatory pressures.  These imply greater accountability and accuracy in the reporting of financial results under US GAAP, increased levels of corporate governance and Board involvement, stronger internal control documentation, market value recognition, supply chain optimization and a greater need for stronger risk management practices across the enterprise.


In today's construction business environment, keeping a step ahead of the competition can mean the difference between securing or losing a highway construction job or high-rise project.

Rossitto & Associates have the capability to understand the demands you face.  Our experts can work with the owners and managers or architectural and engineering firms and construction companies to help you better understand your business and the issues affecting it.


The manufacturing industry finds itself at a critical juncture.  Increased costs for oil, natural gas, steel and copper are squeezing margins, unless offset by pricing and surcharge increases.  As more companies expand their operations overseas and competition becomes fiercer than ever, manufacturing companies must think and act strategically.

Some companies are seeking acquisition candidates, while others are looking to divest underperforming units.  Local and national taxes, often managed across multiple territories, are increasingly complex and under continuous review.

Rossitto & Associates has organized their services to provide proactive solutions to the issues faced by manufacturing companies, while working with our clients to identify the appropriate prioritization and sequencing of strategic projects.