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Our Value

Our professionals are dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions that result in measurable value and lasting change.  We continually invest in the development of creative consultants with a unique blend of business acumen, industry expertise, and technical knowledge.  Our consultants can address the broad range of issues facing fast-growing enterprises and offer the personal attention that makes a difference. 

Rossitto & Associates provides a comprehensive array of consulting and compliance services to help our clients meet management objectives and minimize the tax effects of complex business decisions.  Key to our approach is a global team philosophy which ensures seamless service delivery, the exchange of ideas, and aggressive investment in technology to maximize quality and efficiency. 

We recognize that to be most effective as a business advisor requires knowledge of and experience with tax regulations, as well as the specific industry issues facing each client.   

Our Washington, D.C. contacts enhance all of our services.  These contacts continually monitor new tax legislation and regulations and analyze the potential implications for our clients.  This group of technical specialists provides our professionals and clients with timely access to the latest developments in Congress, the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of the Treasury, and other influential committees and rule-making bodies. 

Our clients are counseled on the application of federal rules in individual situations. We also help them to quantify the effect of government policies on long-range plans and assist with rulings, filings, registrations, and applications.  When policy changes occur, clients are provided with early and complete analysis on each new development and how it may affect them.  Our contacts possess highly specialized technical expertise in such areas as mergers and acquisitions, accounting methods and periods, employee benefits, and international tax. 

Our global coverage is excellent. For a client considering a move into a new, possibly unfamiliar market, Rossitto & Associates' foreign expertise is an asset.  We work with our clients, using our contacts with foreign authorities and business figures to gain access to international markets.  We can share our knowledge of business practices, of the intricacies of legislation, and of the finer points of doing business in each particular culture.  This gives our clients an invaluable advantage. 

Rossitto& Associates helps companies solve complex problems and achieve their business objectives. Our professionals do more than analyze their clients' situations and develop solutions.  They turn their insights into action and implement solutions to improve clients' business performance and maximize value. 

R&A Peer Review

Since 1996, we have participated in the AICPA Peer Review Program, which requires accounting firms that issue audit reports to undergo an internal audit conducted by an audit partner from another firm.  Our peer reviews are conducted every three years by the former Chairman of the Peer Review Committee of the California Society of CPAs.  We have passed all of our peer reviews.  Our most recent peer review was in December 2017.